Dear visitor,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the website of the Haarlem Model United Nations. HMUN is an internationally recognised secondary school conference organised by students of the Stedelijk Gymnasium, located right in the heart of the historical city of Haarlem, the Netherlands.

The theme of HMUN 2020 is Climate crises: turning the tide towards a sustainable future and focuses on changing our society into one that will put an end to the harm currently being inflicted on the planet we live on. To read more about this year’s theme, click here.

The debate in our SPC-committees will focus on the economical aspect of the fight against climate change (SPC1) and the social aspect of the fight against climate change (SPC2). Furthermore, we have replaced the Commission on the Status of Women with the Historical Security Council (HSC), the debate in this council will take place in the year 1946.  

Kindest regards,
Myrthe Beerens and Jip van der Vlis,
Secretaries-General HMUN 202

Registrations for schools, StOff, Press and Special committees are now closed. Click here to view the explanatory letter.

The issues which will be discussed have been announced. Click here to view them.

With this link you can download our new HMUN app! (do this on your phone!) With this app you will be able to see news articles regarding HMUN and the conferences we visit. Besides that, the app is a very practical tool to use during the conference itself. For instance, you will be able to see the agenda and during the year we will add many more features!

I never really knew that so many people were involved in making the world better and trying to find solutions for the problems we have, and am rather happy to have had the chance to learn a little more about it now.

Kim Putters, head of the Netherlands Institute for Social Research