Anthony van Vliet

Anthony was born in Delft in 1968. He is married to Ilse and father of Kim, Niels and Anke van Vliet, Anke is one of our secretaries-general this edition of HMUN.

He grew up in a small village near Rotterdam and studied Business Economics in Groningen (1987-1992). After 3 months in Egypt for Shell in the second half of 1992 and military service during 1993, Anthony joined ING Bank and worked for ING ever since.

Currently Anthony is the Global Head of ING’s Trade & Commodity Finance franchise.

ING Trade & Commodity Finance (TCF) is a top 3 Global Commodity Finance Bank with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Geneva, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. We also have a Structured Inventory Products desk (commodity repo’s) in Amsterdam. The core activity of TCF is to focus on the development and marketing of ING’s activities and products to companies engaged in the origination, primary processing, distribution, logistical handling and trading of commodities.

Before joining TCF Anthony also worked for the credit restructuring department (problem loans) in Amsterdam (1998-2002) and London (2002-2004) and he started his career in aircraft leasing (1994-1997).