Committees and Issues

On this page are all the committees of this year’s conference.
More information about a committee can be found by clicking on its name. Right underneath the committee, one can read the names of the presidents or chairs and the issues. If you click on an issue, you can download its research report and start preparing for that particular issue. For the Expert Committee, the information that has been sent to those delegates by their chairs can be found by clicking on the issue, just as with the other committees.

General Assembly

GA1 – International Security and Disarmament

-Minimizing the effects of chemical waste in war zones 

-Preventing the problem of water conflicts in problem areas in the near future 

-Intercepting weapon flows to rebellion groups 


GA2 – Economic and Financial

-Discussing the contribution of sustainable investing in fighting climate change  

-The issue of the permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people with a special focus on natural recources

Considering the effects of installing a CO tax on the emissions of multinational corporations 


GA3 – Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

-The issue of microplastics in food and water 

-Implementing measures against the negative impact of the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries 

-Establishing sustainable urban planning 


GA4 – Special Political and Decolonisation

-Discussing the increasing call for the use of nuclear power in the fight against climate change 

Discussing the benefits of accountability and transparency to democracies

-Combating the spread of international propaganda 


Commissions and Councils

Security Council (SC)

-The ongoing issue of the Libyan civil war  

-Addressing the impacts of climate-related disasters on international peace & security 


Historical Security Council (HSC)

Historical Security Council: the year 1946 

-Discussing the failings of the League of Nations  

-The question of the Indonesian national revolution


European Council (EuCo)

-The question of Nagorno-Karabakh 

-Combating fake news regarding climate change 

-Establishing environmentally friendly forms of transportation 


Peacebuilding Commission (PBC)

-Preventing further escalation in the Niger Delta 

-The ongoing conflict in South Sudan 

-The question of the Yemeni civil war 


African Union Peace and Security Council (AUPSC)

-The question of the Somali civil war 

-Managing the division of the Nile water 

-Combating epidemics as a result of climate change 


Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

-Addressing the negative effects of large-scale production 

-The issue of disappearing cultural heritage 

-Discussing the transport and processing of waste originating from MEDC’s


Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (UNASUR)

-Implementing measures in order to protect biodiversity 

-Ensuring the security of indigenous tribes  

-Addressing the negative effects of plastic packaging 


Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC)

-Implementing measures to minimize the negative effects on flora and fauna caused by tourism

-Addressing the effects of air- and light pollution on the environment 

-Restoring the economic- and social stability in post-conflict countries 

Human Rights Council (HRC)

-The issue of climate refugees and environmental migrants 

-Discussing the increase in global hunger due to climate change 

-Tackling the issue of human trafficking  

Special Conferences

SPC1 – Special Conference 1

SpC1: the economical aspect of the fight against climate change 

-Deciding on guidelines for extremely polluting industries 

-Discussing the economic consequences of measures taken against climate crises for Less Economically Developed Countries 

-Discussing the effect of the energy transition on the fossil fuel industries 


SPC2 – Special Conference 2

SpC2: the social aspect of the fight against climate change 

-Tackling the issue of unawareness about climate crises 

Discussing the possible increase of global unemployment due to measures taken against climate change 

-Promoting research and measures that advance innovative and reusable forms of energy 

Other Committees

Group of Twenty Summit (G20)

-Minimizing the impact of natural disasters caused by climate change on economies 

-Tackling the issue of trade induced conflicts and their negative effects on the global economy 


Expert Committee (ExCom)

– The treaty of Paris (1814).

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

-Oil Platforms (Islamic Republic of Iran v. United States of America)