This is our 2019 Executive Staff! They are the ones that organise the entire conference and they are doing everything they can to make it great for everybody.


Anke van Vliet, Alexander de Vries




Max Moonen, Eva de Regt, Jip van der Vlis, Milan Nanninga

Deputy Secretaries-General of, respectively, Organisation, Communication, Information and Administration

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Raphael Ridder, Friso van Raalte

Heads of Content



Stijn Dries, Rosa van Hengel

Financial Managers



Jasper Kingma, Roemer van Stekelenburg

Design Managers



Max Goedhart, Bas Nijland

IT Managers



Myrthe Beerens, Willem Molendijk

Heads of Hospitality



Silke Visser, Isabelle Brouwers

Conference Managers



Lily Boot, Sebas de Groot, Liesel Rijnja

Heads of Representatives