On this page, you can find some articles that could be really useful for you. For example when helping your delegates prepare themselves (if you are a MUN-director), or getting prepared yourself, it doesn’t really matter, you can find it here.

Information Booklet
In this booklet you can find all the information you would need about the conference and its surroundings.

StOff Booklet
In this booklet Student Officers can find all the information they need about procedures and the conference.

Resolution Booklet
In this Booklet you can find all the discussed resolutions in one place.

Provisional Program of Events HMUN 2019
Wondering what is going to happen during the conference? Here you can find it!

Provisional list of delegations
This is a file with all the committees and represented countries in it. MUN-directors might find this useful but beware that it can still change!

Explanatory letter
Want to know how the registration procedure for schools wishing to attend HMUN 2018 works? This clarifies everything.

How to Help MUN Delegates Become Prepared, by Uday Mehra
This is a good one for MUN-directors to take a look at. It might provide with you some very useful ideas.

Thimun Rules of Procedure
The rules of procedure are important to know for everyone. During the debate, Chairs will expect you to know them and follow them. Of course you don’t have to be able to repeat it literally, but making sure you can follow them will help you a lot during the conference. Also good for MUN-directors to know.