Expert Committee

The Expert Committee challenges experienced Model United Nations students by having small scale, intensive and unconventional debate. With only fifteen to twenty members, the Committee prepares students for university Model United Nations. It does so by having different, challenging rules of procedure and in-depth preparation during which a wide variety of academic articles are read, analysed and commented on. Students in the Expert Committee do not represent countries. Their role differs from philosophers, EU officials, heads of states and chair(wo)men of multinational enterprises. Over the years the Committee has discussed issues from the Re-evaluation of Human Rights to Corporate Social Responsibility and the Sustainable Development Goals. The Committee aims to discuss issues that are not regularly discussed in traditional Model United Nations committees.

Each year at HMUN the expert committee has a different format. This year the experienced delegates of the Expert Committee will be representing philosophers, politicians, ecologists, and important businessmen at the 25th pre conference organized prior to the Conference of the Parties (precop) in Costa Rica. Because this precop will be held in November of 2019, the delegates will have the opportunity to debate current events in a setting that takes place in the future. The goal for this committee during HMUN is to draft an accord that is supposed to be signed at the 25th session of the COP organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC COP 25) in Chile.
This committee will be chaired by two ex-Secretaries-General Wessel Mulder (2017) and Maartje van Lelijveld (2016).

The rules of procedure of the American Model United Nations system are used (similar to previous years). Members will be the representatives of the powers attending the conference; a list of the most important representatives is sent to the members prior to the conference. They can give a ranked preference which representative they’d like to be.