Guest Speakers

Here you will find the people that will make our 2020 conference more interesting with their professional point of view on the issues the delegates will be discussing during the weekend.

Keynote Speaker Opening Ceremonies

We are very pleased to hereby announce that the Keynote Speaker of HMUN 2020 is Louise Fresco, honorary professor and chairperson of the Wageningen University & Research. Ms. Fresco has had an impressive list of functions within several organizations that seek to establish more healthy, sustainable food production. From 1997 until 1999, she was the Director of Research at the agricultural department of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, in Rome. After that, she was Assistant Director-General and thus responsible for the technological aspect of agricultural production and food supply. Ms. Fresco currently is among others a member of the Real Academia de Ingenería in Madrid, the Royal Dutch Society of Sciences and foreign member of the Académie d’agriculture de France. Furthermore, she is a visiting professor at Stanford University and the Dacid and Lucile Pakard Foundation in Palo Alto. 

Other than all her science-related functions, Louise Fresco has written several books –novels and scientific ones alike – as well. She furthermore is an appreciated columnist and has been on lists of the most influential Dutch people and the most powerful women in the category Science and Education. In 2009, she gave a TED Talk in Palm Springs, which you can find under this link, about feeding the world.   

We are honoured to have Ms. Fresco as our keynote speaker, and we believe she fits our theme perfectly. Her speech will be a perfect way for delegates to learn even more about this topic and we look forward to her speech.  

Ms Fresco will deliver a speech on the 3rd of April at the Opening Ceremonies of the 23rd annual edition of the Haarlem Model United Nations in the Great Bavo Church.  

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