Guest Speakers

Here you will find the people that will make our 2019 conference more interesting with their professional point of view on the issues the delegates will be discussing during the weekend.

Keynote Speaker Opening Ceremonies

Marriët Schuurman

General Assembly

GA1 – Jonas van Stekelenburg

GA2 – Anthony van Vliet

GA3 – Alexander Maljers

GA4 – Yvonne Donders

Commissions and Councils

SCManon Stravens

CSW – To be announced.

EuCo Hermen Molendijk

PBCYvonne Moonen

AUPSCHester Somsen

ASEANJoel Crawford

UNASURTo be announced.

ECOSOC Hajar Yagkoubi

HRC Suzanne Laszlo

Special Conferences

SPC1 Hajar Yagkoubi

SPC2Anna Laven

Other Committees

G20 Hermen Molendijk


To be announced.