Suzanne Laszlo

After an education in hotel management, Suzanne started her career in the hotel business. She joined the Netherlands Red Cross (NRK) in 2013 and quickly grew into the role of COO with national and international aid in her portfolio. She was also interim ED, which she performed outstandingly and realized a meaningful transformation within the organization. Suzanne initiated many new activities at the NRK. She started “Ready2Help” for volunteers on demand which boosted Red Cross volunteer numbers – 40.000 new volunteers in two years. She also worked with several different partners, for example with Vodafone in the reception of refugees in the Netherlands. She chairs the Dutch Coalition of Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI), serves as a Board Member of giro555 (the Dutch national emergency fund) and as an Advisory Board member of One Young World (OYW). Suzanne has a smooth and friendly communication style, combined with a high level of enthusiasm which also enables her to make difficult decisions. She likes to “sail closer to the wind” and wants to be the change maker. She sees the opportunity at UNICEF as a great chance. Suzanne Laszlo