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Here you will find the people that have made our 2022 conference more interesting with their professional point of view on the issues the delegates have discussed during the weekend. 

Keynote Speaker Opening Ceremonies

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer is a Dutch politician, diplomat and jurist who served as Secretary General of NATO from  2004 until 2009. De Hoop Scheffer has lots of experience with issues in the area of peace, law and security and also lectures in the field of international politics and the practice of diplomacy. 

From 1976 to 1978 he worked at the Dutch embassy in Accra, Ghana; he then served with the Netherlands’ permanent delegation to NATO in Brussels until 1980. Subsequently he headed the private offices of four successive Dutch ministers of foreign affairs until 1986. During de Hoop Scheffer’s tenure as secretary-general, he pressed for more assistance from NATO’s European leaders in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the alliance assumed the lead security role in Afghanistan in October 2006. NATO also joined with the African Union to assist with peacekeeping missions in the Darfur region of Sudan and in Somalia.

Following his retirement De Hoop Scheffer continues to be active as an advocate for more European integration and improved Transatlantic relations. De Hoop Scheffer is known for his abilities as an effective negotiator and skillful manager. 

Guest Speaker GA3

Martijn Bolkestein

Martijn Bolkestein is currently working as a consultant in the public sector for bureau Berenschot, doing research and providing strategic advice to governmental organisations.


In 2020 - 2021 Mr. Bolkestein was a member of Dutch parliament for the VVD and spokesperson on the topics of preventative healthcare and human trafficking. Before that he was a member of the regional council of the Noord-Holland province and of the municipal council of Bloemendaal. He wrote a book on local Dutch politics, Dorpspolitiek, together with professor Fennema from the University of Amsterdam.


In addition to a background in government and politics Mr. Bolkestein is an experienced finance professional, having worked for Shell in the Netherlands and the Middle East.

Guest Speaker GA4

Dr. Katja Van Hoever

Katja is a Belgian-Dutch woman world citizen, with a Masters in Arab Studies, a PhD in African Theology, and fluent in 6 languages. She is currently trying to master the 7th, the Portuguese languge. Her father being a police officer, she swore never to join the police. However, it seems to run in the blood: his two daughters joined Law Enforcement, one in Belgium and Katja in the

Netherlands since 2002. Her expertise focuses on Digital Forensics. In 2009 she joined the Dutch National Police in several roles, she now is an Information manager and advises the Dutch National Police in the area of innovation in Digital Forensics. “I see myself as an intermediary between humans and technology in digital innovation initiatives and projects. I help translate

machine to human and human to machine. In parallel, searching new emerging innovations in Digital Forensics.”

Guest Speaker HSC

Max Joles

Max Joles is one of the teachers in History at the Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem. He is going to speak about the NATO and its function after the Cold War.


The threat of NATO at Russia's western border is one of the key reasons for Russia's 'military operation' in Ukraine. As the world is shocked by Russia's aggression, commentators argue that some of the blame for this war lies with Western leaders by keeping the NATO intact after the Cold War, and even expanding it. We will look closely at the key motivations for keeping the NATO alive in the 1990's and it's first post-Cold War expansion in 1999.

Guest Speaker SC

Hanna Luden

Hanna Luden is the director of, CIDI, Centre for Information and Documentation Israel.

Luden was born and bred in Israel. She studied Computer Sciences at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa, and at the University of Amsterdam. Before joining CIDI in 2015 Luden has worked as a Software Engineer and later as a consultant, coach and manager. She has worked for KPN-research, KPN, Getronics, CapGemini, Banks, insurance companies and government institutions. She also worked as a University Lecturer at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.


CIDI ( ) is a Dutch organisation that defends peace and security for Jews. It is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to combating anti-Semitism and advocating for correct and honest information about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. CIDI focuses mainly on the Netherlands and the Dutch public, but sometimes also works in a European and international context. The monitor anti-Semitic incidents has been published annually since 1982.

Guest Speaker ECOSOC

Jens Gigaseis

Jens Gigaseis the Dutch youth representative to theUnited Nations on Human Rights & Security. He is thevoice of the Dutch Youth at the UN and therefor meetsyouth throughout the Netherlands. The collected inputforms the base of his output at the General Assemblyofthe United Nations and other conferences. His focusthemes are the acknowledgement of climate-refugees,worldwide mental health among youth and theenforcement of human rights.

Guest Speaker G20

Annemarie Manger

Annemarie Manger is the Director of Sustainability at Tata Steel Netherlands where she is responsible for the development and realisation of the decarbonisation strategy. She is a chemical engineer by background and started her career as a process engineer with Fluor, designing technologies across oil, gas, and power. She has amassed impressive experience in all phases of project execution. Annemarie joined Tata Steel in 2008 as Manager of Projects and after having been Director of Engineering for Tata Steel NL, UK and Tata Steel Europe, Annemarie was appointed Director of Sustainability in 2019, reporting to the CEO of Tata Steel Netherlands.

Guest Speaker HRC

Jordan Dez

Jordan Dez is a PhD researcher with the Faculty of Law at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Originally from the US, Jordan has a background in both anthropology and law. Before joining the VU law faculty, Jordan practiced international law and global migration law in Salt Lake City, Utah. In her current research, Jordan combines her interdisciplinary background to study the human rights and rights claiming practices of undocumented migrants. This research project is funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

Guest Speaker ASEAN+ and GA1

Mohammad Eleyas

In this day and age, we deal with many major problems that are a threat to our wellbeing, but often during these major conflicts and wars, we forget about Human Rights that are not taken into account. This edition of HMUN, ASEAN+ will discuss the following issue:
Discussing the Violation of Human Rights during the Rohingya Genocide and Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar
To tell us more about this frighting world issue Mohammad Eleyas will visit the GA1 and ASEAN+. Mohammad Eleyas was born in 1975 in Arakan, Myanmar. He suffered the devastating effects of discrimination and war crimes. In 2012 he was led to flee from Arakan to Bangladesh together with his wife and 6 children. 3 years later, Mohammad decided to travel back to Yangon (Myanmar) with a Myanmar passport. Sadly, in 2017 Mohammad needed to escape to the Netherlands without his family. Here he requested asylum and he became an active member of the European Rohingya Council. He made sure to let his voice be heard and co-organized several demonstrations against the military coup in Myanmar, together with different ethnic groups of Myanmar living in the Netherlands. This March, Mohammad Eleyas was finally reunited with his wife and 6 children in the Netherlands.
We will be welcoming Mohammad Eleyas in the GA1 and ASEAN+ on Saturday.

Guest Speaker EC

Maurits de Lint

Maurits de Lint (22) is a student of Politics & Technology (MSc) at the Technical University of Munich, focussing on the energy and mobility transitions. Additionally, he worked as a deputy member of the City Council of Haarlem for the past four years. He will be discussing the issue of 'Addressing the Deteriorating State of Global Air Quality'.

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