It goes without saying that the HMUN conference involves costs and due to this fact we really appreciate the support of our most distinguished sponsors. Without them, our conference could not be held.

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Friends of HMUN

As stated before, the HMUN conference involves costs and due to this fact we receive financial aid from others beside our sponsors as well. Those people are called ‘Friends of HMUN’ and we kindly encourage everyone who tends to show interest in our activities at the HMUN 2020 to become such a friend and gift us with a meagre donation of €20,- that will be invested in further refinements of our conference. With this financial contribution, we will be able to achieve our aim for a fully professional, interesting and, moreover, an enjoyable conference.

As an expression of gratitude for your generous support, we offer the following in return. All three editions of our daily newspaper, ‘The HMUN Chronicle’, will be sent to all the ‘Friends of HMUN’. Our press team is doing everything that they are capable of to fill the readers with interest and joy. Furthermore, you will receive the ‘Resolution Booklet’, in which all the discussed and passed resolutions from our conference are written in this booklet. Not to forget, we would be delighted to hear from each ‘Friend of HMUN’ that is keen to take part in a tour around the conference.
To become a ‘Friend of HMUN’ you can send an email to our Deputy Secretary-General of Administration, at financial@hmun.nl