On this page are all the committees of the 2021 conference.
The theme of HMUN 2021 was: Planetary Polarization: Uniting a divided world. 
Most of the issues are regarding the theme, however, there are other issues that do not cover the theme of polarization.

More information about a committee can be found by clicking on its name. Right underneath the committee, one can read the names of the presidents or chairs and the issues. If you click on an issue, you can download its research report and start preparing for that particular issue. For the Expert Committee, the information that has been sent to

those delegates by their chairs can be found by clicking on the issue, just as with the other committees.


General Assembly

GA1 – International Security and Disarmament

GA3 – Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

Commissions and Councils

Security Council (SC)

Historical Security Council (The year 1954 ) (HSC)  


Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) 

Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC)


Human Rights Council (HRC)