Committees and issues

On this page you will find all the committees of the 2023 conference, once they have been announced.

The theme of HMUN 2023 will soon be announced

More information about a committee can be found by clicking on its symbol. Right underneath the committee, one can read the names of the presidents or chairs and the issues. If you click on an issue, you can download its research report and start preparing for that particular issue. For the Expert Committee, the information that has been sent to those delegates by their chairs can be found by clicking on the issue, just as with the other committees.

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GA1 - Disarmament and International Security

Chairs: to be announced

  • Increasing transparency in the trade of armaments within regions of conflict

  • Countering nuclear proliferation in LEDCs

  • Addressing the weaponization of natural resources

GA3 - Social Humanitarian and Cultural

Chairs: to be announced

  • Protecting the global right of the freedom of press

  • Assessing the threat of non-governmental interference on democratic elections

  • Discussing the responsibility of large corporations on the spread of misinformation

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SC misschien.png

Historical Security Council (HSC)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Addressing the involvement of United States of America in the Persian Gulf War

  • The issue of the possession of nuclear weapons by the newly formed states by the dissolution of the Soviet Union


Security Council (SC)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Tackling neo-colonialism in Africa

  • Addressing the Serbian - Kosovo conflict

SC misschien.png
GA1 blauw.webp

GA4 - Special Political and Decolonisation

Chairs: to be announced

  • Discussing the political independence of Taiwan

  • The issue of neo-colonialism in Africa

  • Establishing means to ensure the economic independence of former colonised nations


Presidency: to be announced

  • Preventing the economic use of green washing in the fashion industry

  • Discussing the ramifications of the global increase of nationalism

  • Finding measure to provide energy access for the global population


Human Rights Council (HRC)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Adressing the issue of modern day-slavery

  • Preventing the damage of the hosting of international sport events

  • Ensuring the protection of privacy in regards to new and upcoming technologies


Group of Twenty (G20)

g20 logo 23.png

Presidency: to be announced

  • Working towards a global sustainable energy sector

  • Countering global unemployment in the light of economic growth

  • Discussing the negative effects of geopolitical tensions on the global economy


Presidency: to be announced

  • Tackeling the issue of child labour

  • Protecting prisoners in the juvenile justice system

  • Ensuring the safety of children within the education system

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UN logo.png

Environmental Committee (EC)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Improving the sustainability of agriculture

  • Working towards a global sustainable transport system

  • Discussing sustainability in the fashion industry

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Request relating to the Return of Property Confiscated in Criminal Proceedings (Equatorial Guinea v. France)


Expert Committee (ExCom)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Promoting peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

    • ​Endorsing regional balance in former Yugoslavia 

  • Agreeing upon political divisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina 

  • Agreeing upon Bosnia and Herzegovina’s structure of government 

  • Addressing the inter entity boundary line



Special Committee 1 (SpC 1)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Discussing the weaponization of fossil fuels as an energy source

  • Regulating the social and political power of corporations

  • Assessing the political and military power of the UN

UN logo.png
UN logo.png

Special Committee 2 (SpC 2)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Exploring the viability of nuclear power as a carbon neutral energy source

  • Discussing the availability of the resources needed for a transition to all green energy

  • Discussing the responsibility of corporations regarding a carbon neutral future

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Discussing NATO’s involvement in the issue of Afghanistan

  • Reviewing NATO’s cyber defence strategy

  • Examining the pending NATO applications


International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Countering maritime piracy

  • Addressing the Arctic region conflict

  • Ensuring the safety and security of important international trade routes

UN logo.png

Office of Outer Space Affairs (OOSA)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Preventing further weaponization of outer space

  • Establishing ways to prevent the Kessler Syndrome

  • Drafting an international legal framework for the regulation of outer space


International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Ensuring global regulations for nuclear waste management

  • Promoting the proliferation of nuclear power plants in LEDCs

  • Discussing Iran’s nuclear activity in the light of the Iran Deal


Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)

Presidency: to be announced

  • Discussing the distinction between religious freedom and religious oppression of women

  • Accelerating efforts to tackle online and technology-facilitated violence against women and girls

  • Ensuring the global woman’s right of education