The Executive Staff

The Executive Staff of HMUN 2022 consists of 22 students of the Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem. They are responsible for the organisation and are directed by the Secretaries-General. All names are from left to right.

The 2021 Executive Staff

           The Secretaries-General

   Marijn de Ruiter and Mathilde Nabben


The Secretariat

Nico Fattoruso Delgado, DSG of Development

Celeste de Jong, DSG of Organisation

Pieter van Lelijveld, DSG of Administration

Meike Beerens, DSG of Information

Finn Damhoff, DSG of Representation


IT Managers 

Camiel Hilberts and Toon van der Struijk


Heads of Content

Joris Smits and Mees van Nouhuys


Conference and Sponsoring Managers

    Fien Kerkhof and Tjits Luikinga


Heads of Hospitality

Jill Jager and Rozemarie Beltman


Head of Admins

Sophie Nijland


Head of Press

Rozemarijn Vos


Heads of Representatives

Kiki van Rijswijk and Jetske den Bandt


Design Manager

Emilie Notermans and Florianne Berendsen