The Excellency Fund

Our Scholarships

Do you dream of becoming a diplomat or working for an international NGO, company, or other global organization? Then don't miss this unique opportunity to apply for the new Haarlem Model United Nations (HMUN) Scholarship. The HMUN finance and administration department annually grands 5-10 full scholarships to students who are motivated, eager to learn and have an interest in the field of international relations (IR) but cannot afford our fee. When awarded with an HMUN Scholarship your €85,00 fee will be completely compensated by HMUN.

These hardworking students would be a great asset to our award-winning and globally recognized conference. With a scholarship from the Excellency Fund, we give international and Dutch students a chance to enter the fascinating world of Model United Nations.

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How to apply?

Each year, the Deputy-Secretary General of Administration and Finance,

Julian van Breugel, makes a careful selection from all the applications.

The choice in what student gets the scholarship is in consultation with their

MUN-director. To apply delegates need to write a 100-400 word

Letter of Motivation to the DSGA. In the Letter of Motivation, the delegate needs to write why they want to attend HMUN and also write the contact information of their MUN-director. The deadline for applications is the 8th of March.

For questions, more information or applications contact the DSGA at or click the apply here button.