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Guest Speakers

Here you will find the people that will make our 2023 conference more interesting with their professional point of view on the issues the delegates will be discussing during the weekend.



Eric Wiebes

Keynote Speaker

Eric Wiebes, Keynote Speaker of this year’s Haarlem Model United Nations, is a former-Dutch consultant and politician, fulfilling the role of the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policies. Wiebes completed his degree in mechanical engineering at the Delft University of Technology in 1986. Afterwards, he started working as a management consultant at various firms. He worked as a consultant for 18 years, after which he began his political career as a civil servant for the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2004, where he eventually fulfilled the role of director and deputy secretary-general. From 2017-2021 he was the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policies of the Dutch Cabinet. Currently, he works as a consultant at McKinsey and Company, where he helps clients accelerate decarbonization in an economically responsible manner; and brings extensive knowledge on sustainability, climate change, and energy-transition topics.
At the Official Opening Ceremony of HMUN this Friday, he will give a speech about our theme: “Power; what makes the world turn ‘round?” We are looking forward to 
hearing Wiebes about his experience
in the real political world as a Dutch Minister, and his extensive knowledge about topics such as climate policies, decarbonization, and the energy-transition. 

We will be welcoming Wiebes at the Opening Ceremony on Friday at 11.15 o'clock


Henk Cor van der Kwast

Henk Cor van der Kwast is a distinguished Dutch diplomat who has served as the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to various countries, including Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. He now serves as the Permanent Representative of The Netherlands in the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Organisation on the Proliferation of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). 

We will be welcoming van der Kwast on Saturday at 2 o ́clock 

Guest Speaker GA1


Simone Filippini

Simone Filippini is a former top diplomat. Among others she was the Head of the Gender and Women Rights department in the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consul-General for the Southeastern US and Ambassador to Macedonia 

Guest Speaker GA4

We will be welcoming Filippini on Friday at 3 o ́clock


Meike van Lelyveld

Meike van Lelyveld is a young designer, entrepreneur and researcher. After a degree in womenswear fashiondesign, she co-founded the Patchwork Family, a value-driven up-cycling collective aiming to lower the bar of entry for young designers and democratise the industry. 

Guest Speaker ECOSOC

We will be welcoming van Lelyveld on Saturday at 2 o ́clock


Milou Covers

Milou started in 2022 as a senior researcher at the Center against Child Trafficking and Human Trafficking. She also works at Fier as a researcher. With her background in Pedagogical Sciences and Special Education, Milou focuses on victims of sexual exploitation at the CKM. 

Guest Speaker HRC

We will be welcoming Covers on Friday at 2.15 o ́clock


Henk Kern

Henk Kern studied History at the University of Leiden and studied the Russian language while serving in military conscription. Afterwards, he worked for a couple of years as a history teacher in secondary education.

Guest Speaker HSC

We will be welcoming Kern on Saturday at 2.30 o ́clock


Avo Sevag Garabet

Avo Sevag Garabet has impressive legal experience. Having worked at the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and now currently the International Court of Justice (ICJ). 

Guest Speaker ICJ

We will be welcoming Garabet on Friday at 3 o ́clock


Tom van Aken

Tom van Aken is the CEO of a company called Avantium. Avantium develops and commercialises innovative chemistry technologies in order to produce chemicals and materials based on renewable feedstock instead of fossil resources. 

Guest Speaker SpC 2

We will be welcoming Van Aken on Saturday at 3 o ́clock

Francesca Salisbury, Bas Jacobs, Roshan Menon

With the increase in space travel and even companies such as Space X going to space, rules and legislations for space are becoming increasingly important and necessary. Three space law students, will be speaking on this issue. 

Guest Speakers OOSA

We will be welcoming these speakers on Saturday at 1 o ́clock

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-30 at 08.12.13.jpeg

Hyacintha Dashorst

Hyacintha Dashorst has worked for the national Child Care and Protection Board of the Netherlands for over 25 years. She deals with juveniles who have committed crimes or who were involved with crimes ranging from truancy to armed robbery or worse.

Guest Speaker UNICEF

We will be welcoming Dashorst on Saturday at 2.30 o ́clock


Leon Willems

Guest Speaker GA3

Leon Willems joined IKON, a small broadcaster specialising in conflict reporting and development issues. He eventually managed this public television broadcaster's news and information department in the Netherlands. For years he roamed and commissioned the most important news stories of the Middle East and Sub Sahara Africa. 

We will be welcoming Willems on Saturday at 1 o ́clock


Karel van Oosterom

Guest Speaker SC

Karel van Oosterom is a Dutch diplomat. From 2013-2020 he was the Permanent Representative to the United Nations and from that position, he represented the Netherlands in the Security Council in 2018. Since August 2020, he has been the Dutch ambassador in London to the United Kingdom. 

We will be welcoming van Oosterom on Friday at 4.30 o ́clock

Erwin van der Geer klein.jpg

Erwin van der Geer

Guest Speaker G20

Erwin van der Geer is an experienced energy industry professional with keen interests in process safety, operational leadership, people development and deployment of technology. 

We will be welcoming van der Geer on Saturday at 1 o ́clock


Michaël Wilde

Guest Speaker EC

Michaël Wilde is the director of Bionext, an organization that focuses on biological and sustainable agriculture, especially with regard to legality, research and publicity. Before he got appointed as director of Bionext in 2019, he spent 12 years working as Sustainability and Communications manager at Eosta BV.

We will be welcoming Wilde on Friday at 1.10 o ́clock


Marco Hennis

Guest Speaker IAEA

Marco Hennis has been a diplomat for 40 years. His career has led him to various places such as Yugoslavia, Belgium, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Turkey, Austria and most recently Slovenia. 

We will be welcoming Hennis on Friday at 2 o ́clock


Martijn Snoep

Guest Speaker SpC 1

Martijn Snoep has been the Chairman of the Board of ACM since September 1, 2018. He studied law at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Until his appointment at ACM, he worked for 28 years at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. 

We will be welcoming Snoep on Friday at 9.30 o ́clock


Jonas van Stekelenburg

Guest Speaker NATO

Jonas van Stekelenburg is 52 years old, married and has 4 children. He studied Geology (VU), Political Science (UvA) and Law UvA, Masters). He started working as a lawyer for international law firm Houthoff.

We will be welcoming Van Stekelenburg on Saturday at 12.30 o ́clock


Anthony Speca

Guest Speaker IMO

Dr. Anthony Speca is a specialist on the Arctic region. He obtained his PhD from the University of Toronto in 1999. Through his educational consultancy Polar Aspect, he designs and runs Model Arctic Council (MAC) experiential learning events for undergraduate students, in collaboration with universities in the UK and Canada. 

We will be welcoming Speca on Saturday at 12.20 o ́clock


Emilie van Dijk

Workshop Public Speaking

This workshop given to the HRC, UNICEF, CSW and EC is extremely useful for delegates wishing to learn or refresh the basics of a MUN conference. We will be going over The Rules of Procedure and all the tips and tricks you need to become a good delegate. Maybe even a best delegate? 

We will be welcoming Van Dijk on Saturday at 3 and 4.20 o ́clock


Maartje van Lelyveld

Workshop International Law 101

This workshop given to the G20 and SC will give a formal introduction to international law.

We will be welcoming Van Lelyveld on Friday at 2.15 o ́clock

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