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Dear HMUN visitor, there are a lot of restaurants here in Haarlem. They range from snack bar to Michelin-worthy. To help you find the best restaurant for you, we made this list of suggestions. We hope you’ll enjoy! 

Ristorante Novecento 

Gierstraat 66, Haarlem 

Novecento is a very affordable Italian restaurant with an expended menu, ranging from all sorts of pizza to different kinds of pasta. There are even vegetarian and vegan dishes available! We do suggest you make a reservation, it can be quite busy. One pizza costs approximately €8,00. 

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Thrill Grill 

Oude Groenmarkt 26, Haarlem 

The Thrill Grill restaurant is a very popular burger restaurant in Haarlem. They offer a lot of different burgers, including vegan and vegetarian ones. If you reserve in advance you can eat there with a larger group. One burger costs approximately €10,00. 

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Grote Markt 6, Haarlem 

Centopercento is a nice, cosy restaurant here in Haarlem. It has delicious Italian meals on the menu, and the service is great. We recommend taking a pizza but Centopercento has much more to offer: Pasta, Fish, Meat and mouth-watering desserts. A pizza cost approximately €12,00. 

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Café Bruxelles 

Lange Wijngaardstraat 16, Haarlem 

Café Bruxelles is a convivial eatery in the centre of Haarlem, with a broad menu. It’s possible to have different sorts of fish, meat, salads. The atmosphere is great and the staff is very friendly. One main course costs about €16.00. 

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Spekstraat 6, Haarlem 

Pluimage is a restaurant nearby the HMUN-conference, only a three-minute walk. Pluimage is specialized in chicken, it is one of the few restaurants in Haarlem that use chicken as their main dish. The classic dish is a half a chicken which cost €10,00. 

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Café XO 

Grote Markt 8, Haarlem 

Café XO is a restaurant located on the Grote Markt, the main square of Haarlem. They serve sandwiches, burgers, salads and soup as well as fish and meat dishes. One main course costs about €9,00. 

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