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Theme of HMUN 2023



Every year, HMUN has an underlying theme, a problem not easily solved or summarised in a single issue. Something that should be remembered, or never forgotten, something that needs to be questioned, or answered. This years 26th HMUN is no different, with the theme of ‘Power: what makes the world turn round?’ A word that can mean so many things for so many people, and a question that should be considered carefully. Because what does ‘power’ actually mean? The power of politics perhaps? If so where does this ‘power’ actually lie? With the United Nations? The member states? The delegates, or maybe even the people of the world they claim to represent. Or is power instead, energy, something that every nations needs. Gasses and oils that fuel peace, or war. This theme will address two aspects of the word, ‘power’, power meaning energy, and political power. And this double meaning is what sets this years theme apart from all the others. A broad concept, maybe, but an incredibly important one to address. Our world is in a fragile state, both environmentally and sociopolitically. We must discover how to power our future in a sustainable way and make real and radical changes to our society, but for that to happen, we need more than just ideas and plans, we need the other power, a political one. The problem is, how do you use a power whilst not knowing where it is? Many people would say that it’s an easy answer, that the political power resides in the very thing we try and emulate, the United Nations. But is this true? Is the United Nations truly the beacon of international cooperation it claims to be? Does it have the power to make radical changes to save our planet? And if you think it does not, then who does? As the great Nelson Mandela himself once said “It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it”. We hope that that, is exactly what you will learn to do at the is years HMUN, to learn how to solve an energy crisis, and understand that the power to change the world for the better, lies within you.

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