Planetary polarization: uniting a divided world

Dear visitor, 

The theme of HMUN 2021 is: ‘Planetary polarization: uniting a divided world’.  

The conference will focus on reuniting nations, building international cooperation and eradicating polarization. 

It has always been in our human nature to work together, because it has always been more beneficial than fighting. Ever since the beginning of our civilizations, people have traded and worked together; built societies built upon cooperation and by unification. How else could the Pyramids of Giza have been built or Stonehenge have been erected? 

However, all throughout history people have also always fought; been at odds due to conflicting interests. But even during conflict, people have sided together to ward off threats. Think of tribes, vassals and kings, marriages of state, alliances. After World War I, a global initiative was started by the United States of America, so that humanity may never be at odds again and if it were, all problems could be solved with debate and conversations. After the Second World War, the final product of this initiative was founded and this year, we celebrate its 75th  birthday: the United Nations. Working together was supposed to be the new modernity. 


However, in recent years polarization has taken flight. Polarization is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as: ¨the act of dividing something, especially something that contains different people or opinions, into two completely opposing groups.¨ Not only do we see this going on on a worldwide scale, but also nationally. For example, in the United States where the elections have made clear that it is a divided country in need of unification again. Even in the United Nations, it is noticeable that the world is changing: international relations are slowly falling apart, while nationalism grows. Is this due to national interests drifting too far apart to be negotiable? Has humanity become too stubborn or selfish? In this last year, we have also seen a common enemy threatening our global society. While a semblance of cooperation has arisen to fight the Covid-19 virus, nations are polarizing due to a selfish interest in their own health. Moreover, heads of states are hard-put to see each other on a regular basis in the United Nations: no more spontaneous meetings in the walkways.  

During the 24th session of HMUN we will focus on finding solutions for these issues. As leaders of the future, we would like (for us) to set an example. We need to work together, unified as a whole. 


Lauren van Dijk and Annalisa Schipper - Secretaries-General HMUN 2021