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Haarlem Model United Nations 2023

31st March - 2nd April

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On behalf of the entire organisation, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the website of Haarlem Model United Nations (HMUN). The 26th edition of the conference will be held from Friday the 31st of March to Sunday the 2nd of April. HMUN takes great pride in being an internationally recognised secondary school conference, organised by motivated students of the Stedelijk Gymnasium, located right in the heart of the historical city of Haarlem in the Netherlands. The conference is aimed at students ranging from 14-19 years old.


Every year we try to make HMUN a memorable experience in all ways and means. This includes our theme, which serves as an underlying statement for the entire conference. This is how we connect our delegates and try to shape a common goal: throughout every committee, issues are based on this theme. This year the theme of HMUN is ‘Power: what makes the world turn ‘round?’. The concept of power is multifaceted and delegates will be discussing the influences of power as an energy source, but they will also discuss political-, social- and economic power. With this theme, we hope to emphasise the importance of cooperation and unity in our rapidly changing world.


With our theme in mind, we have made a selection of 19 committees and councils. Every committee specialises in certain aspects of global diplomacy and each one will be led by two exemplary Student Officers. We also offer great opportunities for students who excel in their motivation, knowledge and MUN experience: our committees for experts deliver the opportunity to go into more political depth and experience the world of policy-making from a different perspective. The International Court of Justice and the Expert Committee serve this purpose. This year we will be introducing some new committees such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) or the International Maritime Organisations (IMO). It’s important to expand our list of committees with these specialised agencies and regional bodies to broaden our viewpoint on world politics and pressing issues to offer a voice to those not being heard in other councils. 


Since its first edition in 1998, HMUN has taken great pride in its beautiful locations. Haarlem is a city of rich culture, historical sights and stunning nature. We make sure that delegates experience all of this at HMUN. We accomplish this by hosting our conference in 14 astonishing locations throughout the city. The Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem is our main location, with all other establishments located close to this venue. This enables the delegates to learn about our city whilst truly experiencing debate on the next level. 


This conference gives all attendees a new view of international diplomacy and discusses their essential place in shaping our future into a better world. 

With this short introduction, we have not yet covered all the splendid aspects of Haarlem Model United Nations of which we and our Executive Staff are most proud. We highly encourage you to take a look at our website for more information and highlights.


Kind regards,


Celeste de Jong & Pieter van Lelyveld 

Secretaries General | Haarlem Model United Nations

THIMUN Affiliated conference

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"I never really knew that so many people were involved in making the world better and trying to find solutions for the problems we have, and am rather happy to have had the chance to learn a little more about it now."

Kim Putters, head of the Netherlands Institute for Social Research


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