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On this page are all the discussed resolutions of the 2022 conference.
The Theme of HMUN 2022 was 
Human Rights: Establishing a world of equal and justice.

The resolutions as they have been voted on by the committees can be opened or downloaded individually. For "ad hoc"committees (this year the SC, HSC and ASEAN+) you can click on the name of the issue to find the resolution they discussed. For all the other committees, resolutions can be accessed by clicking on the name of the main submitter, as there can be multiple resolutions for each issue. We are proud to have an ICJ and Expert Committee as well, which do not pass resolutions but a verdict and a treaty respectively.

You can download the entire Resolution Booklet with all discussed resolutions here.

General Assembly

GA1 – International Security and Disarmament

  • Implementing Measures to Decrease the Criminal Violence in Mexico passedIndonesia

  • Discussing the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Warfare passedIndia

  • Discussing the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Warfare failedDPRK, Cuba

  • Intercepting Weapon Flows to Rebellion Groups passedUSA

GA3 – Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

  • Implementing Measures to Prevent Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia passedDPRKRepublic of Korea

  • Addressing Status of the Libyan Civil War passedFrance


GA4 – Special Political and Decolonization

  • Tackling the Issue of Global Police Brutality passedBrazil

  • Combating the Dependence of Developing Countries on Developed Nations passedIndonesia

  • Addressing the Issue of Global Data Corruption passedPhilippines


Commissions and Councils

Security Council (SC)

Historical Security Council (HSC)  


Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Taking Measures to Improve the Working Conditions in Developing Countries passedAustralia, South Korea

  • Countering the Global Increase of Mental Disorders and Mental Health Instabilities passedUSAGermany

  • Implementing Measures to Increase the Accessibility of Potable Water and Healthy Food in Less Economically Developed Countries passedMexicoSouth Korea

Group of Twenty (G20)

  • Implementing Guidelines to Ensure Fair Tax Distribution in Multinationals passedFrance

  • Combating Greenhouse Gas Emissions in All Major Industrial Nations passedGermany, USA

  • Tackling the Issue of Trade Induced Conflicts and their Negative Effects on the Global Economy passedGermany


Human Rights Council (HRC)

  • Combatting Inequality and Discrimination of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity passedAustria

Association of south-eastern Asian Nations (ASEAN+)


  • Implementing Measures to Combat the Use of Children as Soldiers passedMorocco

  • Implementing Measures to Prevent Child Labour in Less Economically Developed Countries passedDenmarkMexico

  • Tackling the Issue of Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment of Children passedUSA

Environmental Committee (EC)

  • Addressing the Deteriorating State of Global Air Quality passedPortugal

  • Restoring Damaged Forests due to Human Activities Globally passedIndonesia

International Court of Justice (ICJ)​


Expert Committee (ExCom)

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